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How Solar Energy Works


Solar: The Simple, Efficient and Effective Choice

With benefits that are practically endless and a switch that is practically effortless, moving to solar power is the smartest choice you will make all year. Utility companies love to hike up there rates right when you need them most, sending you on an unnecessary roller coaster of unpredictable payments. Solar energy, on the other hand, works with you, at a cost you can afford and maintenance your can keep up on. Say yes to solar power, and let Green Road Solar take care of the rest.

At Green Road Solar we work hard to ensure that our customers understand the solar energy process fully before making the switch. We encourage all our potential clients to take a look at the outline below, and contact us with all your questions about how solar works!

A Step-By-Step Look At How It Works

The solar process is actually much simpler than you may expect. Sunlight hits your solar panels, which then sends an electric current to your inverter, which moves through your SunRun meter to your main electric service panel which then transfers the converted energy to your home’s electrical system, appliances, and lights. Let’s take a deeper look at that –

1. Your Solar Panels

Your solar panels are composed of photovoltaic cells, which when hit with sunlight, are able to convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. Rain or shine, as long as your solar panels are exposed to any amount of sunlight, your panels will be working to convert that light (solar radiation) into DC electricity.

2. Conversion in Your Inverter

Your solar panels are great at collecting sunlight and turning it into electricity, but DC electricity is unfortunately not what your home needs to operate successfully. Your home needs alternating current (AC) electricity; this is where your inverter comes in. Your inverter sits on the outside of our home, or in your garage and works to convert all your solar panels DC electricity into usable AC electricity!

3. Monitoring System

Your meter will measure the energy that you are using. When you are generating more power than you need to use at the time, your meter will move in reverse! The extra energy that was produced will be used for your nighttime energy use.

4. Power to Your Main Electric Service Panel

Once your new AC electricity has passed through your monitoring system, it will move into your home’s electrical panel which will power your home’s lights, appliances, and all other electrical needs. Plus, if your solar panels generate more solar energy that you use, your electric service panel will keep it flowing into the utility grid and help you build up solar credits!

5. Final Net Meter Measurements

At this point you will be able to look at how much solar energy you are making, look back at energy production from the past, track the performance of your system, and see the positive impact that your solar panel system has made on the environment while using your system!

It really is that easy. Give Green Road Solar call today to have solar panels installed on your home.