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Solar Panel Installation Referrals

Your Referral Is Valuable To Both Of Us

Our greatest asset is our customers. We believe that each and every customer we work with is unique and therefore deserves unique attention. But did you know that a new Green Road Solar customer could be valuable to you as well? Refer your friends or neighbors to us. Once an agreement is signed and the solar installation is complete, we’ll reward you with $250. If you’re a former customer of Green road solar, then the reward is even greater! We’ll pay $250 for first referral and $500 for any referral you make after that! Once your referral’s solar installation is completed AND finalized, your referral reward will be on its way in the mail!

Terms and Conditions

Green Road Solar reserves the right to determine which properties will qualify for solar assessment and/or installation. Referral rewards/incentives are non-transferable and will be paid out two weeks from the time of signing/assessment. Referral rewards exceeding $500 will be reported to the IRS via a 1099 form. Referrals/assessments must be correct and honest. All such dishonest referrals/assessments will be ignored and the person making such claims will be blocked from the Green Road Solar website and contact list. All information shared by Green Road Solar to the person making the referral will be kept confidential as these may be a proprietary way of conducting business. Referral rates do not apply to special promotions. All referrals to special promotions, regardless of the number of referrals, will generate a $250 referral fee.